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March 7, 2018
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March 28, 2018
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What is TOEFL test?
TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language) test is used to measure the English Language proficiency of a non-native English speaker as it’s reading, speaking, writing, and listening in the foreign university classrooms. This is the best choice to choose as if you want to migrate abroad to study in top universities. You should speak into microphones sitting in front of a computer and the responses will be assessed by 3-6 raters. However, some administrations prefer written test rather than speaking test due to lack of internet. The scores that you require are valid only for two years after the date of your examination.
TOEFL tests are of two types. They are named as:TOEFL test Careergro Overseas
TOEFL-IBT: This is online TOEFL test
TOEFL-PBT: This is written exam TOEFL test.
Benefits of TOEFL test:
Some of the additional benefits of TOEFL tests are:
90% of the TOEFL tests taken students are surveyed as 1st or 2nd choice universities.
Numerous administration officers prefer TOEFL than any other English proficiency test.
Time taken is less for reports when compared to other tests.
Overall 140 countries and more than 10000 universities accept TOEFL including top universities from Australia, Canada, US, UK and many more.
What is the purpose of TOEFL test?
TOEFL test is to measure the English proficiency of people who are non-native English speakers. The TOEFL scores are used to measure the ability of speaking, writing, reading and listening to use English in the university classrooms. This is the test to measure the English skills ability.
What is the eligibility for TOEFL test?
An equivalent secondary school (10+2) certificate is required to take TOEFL test.
The candidates studying at higher school levels are eligible to take TOEFL test.
Some of the universities don’t require any TOEFL test scores from certain categories given below:
• Non-native speakers who had completed their degrees and diplomas from English speaking country like Australia, Canada, England, US and many more.
• Candidates who have taken TOEFL test within the last 2 years.
How do I start preparing for TOEFL?

  • By improving your English skills
  • By improving your TOEFL skills
  • By keeping on practising speaking, listening, reading and writing English

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