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France is the excellent choice for the one who wants to study abroad in France, for its academic reputation, low tuition fee, and pleasant way of life. Do you believe there are nearly 3 lakh students applying for higher education at universities in France? The country offers an amazing environment for education, research, and study abroad programs for international students. CareerGro Overseas Consultancy in Hyderabad is a prominent abroad Consultancy and provides study in France for international students.

Why Study in France Universities?

This is the best platform to choose from European studies. There are several reasons why students have to study abroad in France for higher education and here are a few of them.

Tuition Fees is low to study in France Universities

France has 83 public French universities that offer an excellent education for very low tuition fees to all the students. The people who have no good financial status to afford pricey tuition fees but want to get a high-quality education can opt for the education in French universities. The annual fee for Masters Degree in Universities in France is just around 250 Euros which is very affordable to international and domestic students as well. But private universities charge high, anywhere from 3000 to 5000 Euros per annum. Other than French Universities, the universities in European countries charge even high.

Learning French to relocate in European Countries

Learning French is necessary to manage everyday life though you know English and fluency is highly required if you want to work there after completing your MS in France. Students should take it as the opportunity to learn the great language where 270 million people in various countries speak. Also, people in French like the outsiders speaking their language though they can speak good English.

Visa Essentials to study in France

There is no need of a visa for the people who belong to EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area), but for other people, to study in France or to apply for a job there, they must have to carry the essentials and all of them are mentioned here.

  1. Here is the list of documents required to study in France. Check it out!
  2. Photocopies of X, XII & Graduate Degree
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Application fee
  5. Proof of English proficiency
  6. Two academic references
  7. Two references from employees (if applied for a job)
  8. Statement of Purpose
  9. Other required documents

The education system in French universities

The academic year runs from September/October to May/June, depending on the French universities. There are two semesters and separated by a final examination of each semester just like in India. French universities offer two main courses: large lecture courses and section & labs. In large lecture courses, students have to take notes, while professor speaks and in section & labs, the lectures covered in classes are explained practically for a smaller section of students and the attendance in section & labs is compulsory.

  1. For the degree, French universities follow the common structure which is used throughout Europe that is LMD (Licence, Masters, and Doctorate).
  2. Licence - a 3-year study with 180 ECTC credits
  3. Masters - a 2-year study (an additional 2 years or 120 ECTS after the completion of Licence)
  4. Doctorate - a 3-year study and research (an additional 3 years after the completion of Licence and Masters)

Intake for Admissions in France: There are two intakes for France

  1. Feb/March - Deadline to Register is November
  2. October/Sept - Deadline to Register is in June
  3. Top-ranked Universities in France
  4. Programs in English
  5. Internship is an integral part of Course Curriculum
  6. Post Study Work Permit

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