Interested to study In this Country ?

To study abroad , there are many classic destinations that offer an excellent education with all facilities to the international students and study in Georgia is one among them. Besides outstanding education, Georgia also has amazing black sea beaches, best bars and cafes along with a mix of modern and traditional culture. Altogether Georgia brings a quality fulfilling education and amazing lifestyle to all the international students.

Why Study in Georgia?

There are a few special reasons why one should select Georgia for education. If you are planning to study in Georgia, you must have to know some useful things.

Education System of universities in Georgia

There are two levels of higher education here – vocational education and special training courses. Students can go with vocational education and if they want Diplomas or they are interested to continue in university, they have to study two more years of special training courses. Universities in Georgia are divided into two categories and all of them offer Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Doctorate’s degrees. Also, there are plenty of excellent research opportunities for students.

Tuition Fee to study in Georgia University

The tuition fees of the universities in Georgia are very affordable and any person can choose this place for this particular reason. Government universities generally don’t charge any fee or they will charge as low as 500 to 1500 Euros per semester. However, private European universities charge 7000 Euros to 10,000 Euros per year which is considered to be very low.

Language in Georgian Countries

Widely spoken language in Georgia is Kartvelian language and it is used in most of the universities too. However, there are some European universities that give priority to English language and they are designed especially for the international students. There are also preparatory courses that teach the students Georgian language before entering the first year of their chosen course.

Accommodation in Georgia for international students

Accommodation must be planned earlier as you are going to stay in a completely new place. Some universities in Georgia provide accommodation in hostels and some won’t. There are many hotels that provide a stay for the students with basic equipment but if you want the shelter for a cheap price, you can go with home-stay in a Georgian family and the price starts from $100 per month. Also, some hotels offer a room on daily basis and the price starts from $40.

Currency in Georgian Countries

Exchanging the money in banks is necessary to travel out of Tbilisi as the exchange rates may vary from place to place. As Georgia Lari is a closed currency, it is required to exchange the currency before returning to your country. Have a good amount of cash on hands as Georgia ATMs don’t accept foreign cards, however, you can get your money from cabins available everywhere.

Student Visa Requirements

  1. Filled application form
  2. Two photocopies of the passport
  3. Admission letter from the university
  4. 3 x 4 size photograph of the applicant
  5. Payment receipt for considering the visa issuance
  6. Bank statement of last six months
  7. A photocopy of income tax return
  8. Address of the visitor where he/she is going to stay
  9. Ticket booking (two-way)

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