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The other name of Latvia is also called as Republic of Latvia. Riga is the Capital City of Latvia. Latvia’s total mass is around 1,965,900. The district occupied by the zone Latvia is around Sixty four thousand six hundred The dialects talked in Latvia are Latvian, Russian, German and English. The most raised point in Latvia is Gauzing Klans. The maritime weather of Latvia is hot in summer with 20oC and chilly in winter with – 50oC. Study in Latvia through CareerGro Overseas consultancy and get more benefits.

 Why Study in Latvia

Latvian Universities offers bachelors and masters degrees. Universities in Latvia have comprehensive seen degrees. It has Government accredited universities. Latvia universities give Exchange Semesters and section level position abroad. The tuition cost charges are low in Universities of Latvia. It gives on-grounds openings for work. It has various open entryways for entertainment and recreations works out. It has both academic and professional propelled education system .

Reasons to Study in Latvia

  1. Worldwide recognized European Degrees
  2. More than 200 various study programs offered in English
  3. Paid internship and study abroad available
  4. Affordable tuition fees
  5. On-campus accommodation provided
  6. Part-time work allowed during studies
  7. Academic Propelled education
  8. Bachelor Degree Undertakings
  9. Master’s Degree Undertakings
  10. Professional Propelled education
  11. Arts and Humanities
  12. Studies in Pharmaceutical, Dentistry and Medication store capable examinations

Summary of a bit of the top universities in Latvia

  1. Daugavpils University
  2. Liepaja University
  3. Riga Technical University
  4. BA Organization of Business and Finance
  5. Latvia University of Agriculture
  6. Riga Stradins School
  7. University of Latvia
  8. Latvian University of Culture
  9. Latvian University of Sport Education
  10. Latvian Maritime University

What sum does it cost to Study in Latvia

  1. For Engineering and Technology, it ranges from 2200 – 4000 Eur.
  2. For Mathematics, it costs around 4000 EUR.
  3. For Medical Sciences, it keeps running up to 15,000 EUR.
  4. For Business Studies and Organization Sciences, it costs around 6000 EUR.

Fundamental Confirmation Method to Study in Latvia

  1. Fill the application outline
  2. Attend the Situation test or Skype interview
  3. Agreement from the school
  4. Tuition Cost receipt will be issued to understudy
  5. Get Living course of action permit
  6. Then, applying for the understudy visa

Admission Requirements to Study in Latvia

  1. For Bachelor’s, class XII pass authentication from the organisation in the related stream with the slightest aggregate of 60%.
  2. For Master’s, a four-year degree affirmation in related field with an aggregate of 60%.
  3. Bachelors and Masters Degrees in the relevant stream are required for Doctorate to study in Latvia.

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