Travel Assistance

CareerGro Overseas Consultancy in Hyderabad provides travel assistance/foreign exchange services for travellers and immigration services for international students to study abroad. Candidates have to book their Air tickets, after receiving the visa and we’ll help you through the step-by-step process of hassle-free planning. Applicants have to pay his/her tuition fee at the universities. One should have to plan their foreign exchange for living and expenditure. CareerGro Overseas Consultants assigns the students in foreign exchange programs and provides air tickets for international students at best prices.

CareerGro Overseas Consultancy also helps students for FOREX card and travel insurance which are really useful during the initial stages. We deal with booking flights well ahead of time to permit perfect takeoff dates, courses and furthermore best rebates.

We assist you to recognize the correct carrier for abundance things plans. A few International carriers offer special plans for students and our advisors can help you with this data.

Careergro provides the travel assistance services as follows

  • Visa assistance
  • Travel bookings and arrangements
  • Hotel arrangement and payment
  • Assistance
  • Arrangement of interpreters
  • Medical Arrangements

Benefits of travel assistance by choosing Careergro Overseas

  • We are under your service for 365 days and 24/7
  • We provide you with the information on local medical care
  • We’ll monitor your medical care and stay in contact with you and help you in receiving proper care

CareerGro Overseas with a great experience provides services for international students like study abroad that includes travel assistance, convenience assistance, forex, insurances services. We ensure that vibe calm once you arrive at your destination university with our esteem included services. You can likewise profit by our graduated class organize as of now examining in various colleges who enable you to comprehend the way of life and culture and get familiar with the life abroad.

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